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The Zakat, a tax and customs authority known as ZATCA, is the major regulating authority in Saudi Arabia for customs and other taxes. The ZATCA portal facilitates numerous services for taxpayers ranging from registration, filing returns, payment of taxes, and downloading documents related to the same. All rules and regulations about taxes can be easily accessed from the ZATCA portal.

The ZATCA portal is also useful to gain information on e-invoicing requirements that VAT taxpayers will be fulfilled from December 4, 2021. It contains technological requirements and an indicative directory of e-invoice solution providers. This enables taxpayers to prepare themselves for the new rules and regulations in an easy manner.

You can access the ZATCA portal at

This is the layout of the homepage of the ZATCA portal :


This tab lists down the main services of the ZATCA portal related to various taxes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) region. The ZATCA portal offers services related to various taxes such as Zakat, customs, corporate income tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), excise tax, withholding tax, real estate tax service, etc.

These options are the main services of the ZATCA portal, which provide various facilities to taxpayers listed below:


It enables a person to register, pay and request a certificate for Zakat. One can amend its registration details and file returns for Zakat through the ZATCA portal. This option also enables you to register and deregister as a holding company.


This option enables taxpayers to enquire about custom declarations, print custom declarations, confirm arrival of express transport shipments, review offences and status of payment of insurance fees, register a new importer, request for release of bank letter of guarantee, etc.

Real Estate Tax service

This service on the ZATCA portal enables you to register your property for real estate transaction tax, check the status of the application, and cancel the same.

Corporate Income tax

Enables a corporate taxpayer to register, file a tax return, pay taxes and apply for a refund, request a certificate, submit objections, and request a ruling related to corporate income tax.

All other options such as withholding tax, excise and value-added tax offer similar facilities to taxpayers listed above in corporate income tax.

General Services

This option helps you to avail a wide range of general services through the ZATCA portal. You can deregister TIN and outlet, avail tax residency certificate, amend contact details, change the password for the ZATCA portal, and request escalation to the general secretariat of tax committees through this option.

Rules and Regulations

This tab lists down rules and regulations, and agreements related to various taxes on the portal. This tab has four sub-parts:

ZAKAT Custom and Tax Regulations

This contains regulations about Zakat, customs, corporate income tax, VAT, excise tax, and transfer pricing in KSA. In addition to this, it includes key regulations on e-invoicing and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax  Compliance Act).

Tax and Custom Agreements

It contains information on conventions signed with various countries all across the globe to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion concerning taxes on income.

Under Consultation Regulations

This contains the rules and regulations which are open for public comments. ZATCA is often keen to review specialists and public comments about regulations before issuing or amending them.

Exchange of Information Agreements

It contains various agreements like Common Reporting Standard Agreement, Country by Country Report (CBCR) Agreement, FATCA Agreement, and Mutual Administrative Assistance (MAC).


This tab on the ZATCA portal contains information about electronic invoicing, its roll-out phases, guidelines, laws, and regulations related to the same.

It contains five major options-

Introduction to e-Invoicing

This option gives information on e-invoicing in KSA, its roll-out phases, and key rules and regulations related to it.

Prepare Your Business

This option on the portal lists the requirements to prepare the business for each phase of the e-invoicing rollout.

System Developers

This contains business, technical, and security requirements for e-invoicing that taxpayers need to comply with ZATCA e-Invoicing Resolution.

Solution Providers

This contains a complete directory for e-invoicing solution providers who have passed the qualification process and criteria as per e-invoicing requirements. This list is only indicative, and taxpayers may choose any e-invoicing solution provider to comply with the regulations.

Media Center

This contains information on events, news, and media coverage on the e-invoicing project.

Integrated Tariffs

This tab on the portal contains information on customs tariffs such as Clearance and Exporting Procedure Guidelines, Civil Aviation, Discounted Goods List, Special Laboratory Items, etc. It also includes information on GHS and the International Convention on Harmonised Systems.

Media Centre

This tab on the portal covers all news, publications, announcements, and media reports related to various taxes and other key decisions by ZATCA.

Knowledge Center

Knowledge center consists of various manuals, guidelines, and notes about taxation and different sectors such as VAT guidelines for govt bodies in KSA, withholding tax guidelines, Zakat guidelines for the construction sector, etc.

Contact Us

This tab helps give suggestions and feedback and lodging complaints on the ZATCA portal. A 24*7 hotline number is given under this tab to assist the users regarding services rendered through the portal.

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